How To Insulate a Dog House

1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass insulation, the pink stuff in your attic, is a great choice for your dog’s home.

 It is affordable and easy to install.

You won’t even need a table-saw to cut the material, as a pair of heavy-duty scissors is enough.

Fiberglass insulation can be irritating to the skin and lungs.

You should also make sure that the insulation is kept out of reach of your dog. You can simply stuff the insulation inside hollow walls in your dog’s home.

If your dog has solid walls, you will need to attach the fiberglass fabric to the walls. Then cover it with plastic or wooden panels.

2. Reflective Foil

There are many types of reflective foil available that will reflect your dog’s body heat back to you.

Reflective insulation products are likely to be the best choice for dog owners because they’re simple to install, affordable, and highly efficient.

These foils can be combined with any other type of insulation. If you want to use foil and fiberglass insulation, you can attach the foil to the inside of your dog’s home, then add a layer of fiberglass foam and wood or plastic panels to hold the fiberglass in place.

3. Polystyrene Foam

The most common material to insulate your dog’s home is polystyrene foam, also known as Styrofoam.

Polystyrene foam can be used in many insulating products from cups to coolers. It is also very affordable, easily available, and simple to use.

Styrofoam is not the most durable material and won’t last very long in your dog’s home if left out (some dogs might even chew on it which is definitely not ideal).

Styrofoam is best used to insulate your dog’s home by making a series of foam panels that match the interior walls, ceiling, and floor. The panels can be glued, stapled, or glued in place. Each panel will then be covered with a piece of wood or durable material that is similar to its size.

4. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is basically nothing more than a collection of small air pockets. It can be used as insulation because it is so simple. You don’t need any special tools to install it.

We are not referring to the bubble wrap used to package your Amazon purchases (although it would work if there isn’t any else). This is a special bubble wrap, which has a thin aluminum layer and is specifically designed for insulation applications.

To prevent your dog’s chewing or damage, you can tack, staple, or glue the bubble wrapping.