Top 10 Indoor Rabbit Hutches


If you have a fluffy rabbit, the main thing is to pick the best indoor rabbit hutch for it. They are small and don’t take up too much space on you.

Still, rabbits need a place to live. Your rabbit needs to be able to move around and have enough space for its toys and other necessities. There are many types of best rabbit hutches for indoors on the market. But which is the best indoor rabbit hutch? We’ve provided you with key information. Below we show you some of our favorite options and what you should be looking for in an indoor rabbit hutch.

10 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutches Overview

Rabbit Cage Indoor Rabbit Hutch with Removable Bottom Wire Netting

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

This is an indoor wooden rabbit cage. As you can see, this indoor rabbit cage is very beautiful in appearance. Wooden material can match your furniture very well. But when it comes to its function, its appearance is not worth mentioning.

Features of This Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch

The first is the upgraded two leak-free trays. Above the bottom tray is a removable extra wire mesh. This ensures that rabbits don’t stand on their poop. And this indoor rabbit hutch is also super easy to clean. The best part is the extra sliding door that can be opened or closed to separate the areas. This gives rabbits plenty of room to play. The accessories are also of high quality. Stronger stainless steel casters and a unique latch make this indoor rabbit hutch last longer.

Color: Grey

Item: 40.6 x 26 x 37.6 inches

Wooden Rabbit Hutch, Indoor Bunny Cage with Waterproof Asphalt Roof

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

An excellent outdoor indoor rabbit hutch is enough to give you rabbits as the best gift. This indoor rabbit hutch provides enough space for the little rabbit to move and rest. This rabbit cage provides plenty of space to remove and relax. At the same time, it has enough space to keep your home indoors in the cold weather and serves as a resting hut for your small ones during summer outdoor activities.

Features of This Best Rabbit Hutch Indoor

Let me introduce its characteristics below. This best indoor rabbit house is big enough for 1-2 rabbits. As a space for small animals to play, the ramp connects the outdoor playground on the first floor and the observation deck on the second floor. It is made of fir wood and covered in waterproof paint. And the wire fencing can keep predators away. If you want your rabbit to have a natural experience, this cute indoor rabbit hutch might be worth looking at. 

Color: Brown and White

Item: 48 x 24.75 x 36.25 inches

Large Rabbit Hutch, Indoor Rabbit Cage on Wheels with 3 Deep No Leakage Pull Out Tray

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

This portable indoor rabbit house lets you take your pet friends anywhere! If you take your bunny out regularly, then this one is for you. This portable rabbit cage has 6 wheels. And even more convenient is that 2 of them have brakes.

Features of This Best Rabbit Cage for Indoor

Lockable doors have also been installed to ensure the safety of your little bunny. Galvanized wire windows in this indoor rabbit house help you keep an eye on your bunny and check your pets easily. And this design is also good for air circulation. Cleaning is a big difficulty. But in this indoor rabbit cage, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all. The rabbit house has a removable pull-out tray that can be removed. And an openable roof to make it easy to clean up. Ruggedness is also one of its advantages. This is a wooden indoor bunny hutch with a solid fir frame. Stable enough for everyday use.

Color: Grey

Item: 40.4 x 23.6 x 28.3 inches

Indoor Rabbit Hutch, Indoor Bunny Cage with Deeper No Leak Tray

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

If you don’t have enough budget to buy the best rabbit cage for indoors, then this will be your ideal choice. Attractive and spacious, this indoor bunny hutch is the perfect addition to any home. We can call it a good value for money.

Features of This Best Indoor Rabbit House

What’s so attractive about this indoor rabbit cage? The first is the four movable wheels. You can push it anywhere you like and effortlessly. Secondly, there is a wire mesh above the tray, which ensures that the rabbits do not touch their poo. The rabbit can stay on the wire mesh while cleaning just removes the tray. The third is the configuration that makes it easier for you to observe the rabbit. Includes open roof, side windows, and two access doors. Last but not least, it is very easy to install. Because this indoor bunny house has pre-drilled holes, it is easy to install.

Color: Grey

Item: 40.4 x 23.6 x 28.3 inches

Rabbit Hutch Indoor, 2-Story Indoor Bunny Hutch with No Leak Tray

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

Although most indoor rabbit cages are often utilitarian, this 2-story wooden large rabbit hutch is a beautiful piece of decor. This wooden rabbit hutch indoors is attractive with gray siding and white trim. It will keep your pet happy and look great in your home.

Features of This Best Indoor Bunny House

With a living room, top deck, and bottom area, it provides a lot of space for your little bunny. This indoor bunny hutch features fir wood and raised flooring. This design provides a natural and solid space for your bunny. A simple, yet elegant design is ideal for indoor rabbit hutches that will complement your home decor.

It is easy to move. There are 4 360┬░ swivel wheels that allow you to easily move this beautiful indoor rabbit house. This small and convenient indoor bunny house is perfect for everyday use as a rabbit. It is worth noting that the number of rabbits depends on the size of your rabbit.

Color: Grey

Item: 36 x 21 x 28.75 inches

Wooden Indoor Rabbit Hutch, Large Bunny Cage with Removable Tray

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

Your rabbits will like this best indoor rabbit hutch! This one is our premium choice for your indoor rabbit cage. At first glance, the appearance is very harmonious. The two-story design can accommodate more bunnies. At the same time, it will not take up a lot of your space.

Features of This Best Indoor Bunny Cage

This indoor rabbit cage features a removable wire mesh above the bottom tray. The rabbit owner only needs to remove the wire mesh when cleaning. Makes cleaning super easy for rabbit owners. To keep the rabbit safe, this indoor rabbit hutch also comes with 4 wheels for easy movement. 2 of them are locking wheels for good fixation and security. Don’t worry if you occasionally want to put the cage outside to give your rabbit some fresh air. Because it has a waterproof asphalt roof.

Color: Grey

Item: 35 x 21 x 21 inches

Indoor Bunny Cage with Casters Waterproof Roof, Pull Out Tray

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

If you’re willing to pay more for an indoor bunny hutch, then I highly recommend this one. If you’re on a budget and willing to make more room. Don’t hesitate to take it home now!

Features of This Best Indoor Rabbit Cage

This luxury bunny hutch indoor has a slide. The upper floor is mainly where the rabbits rest and the lower floor is where they play. Six wheels for easy propulsion and rollout. It is also possible to keep this large rabbit hutch outside. Because it comes with a waterproof bitumen roof. Best rabbit cage for indoor with 3 removable pull out trays! Easy to clean!

Color: Grey

Item: 61.2 x 22.6 x 33.5 inches

Wooden Rabbit Hutch, Inddor Bunny Cage with Ramp, Removable Tray

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

As the top selling brand on Amazon, you can always trust the quality of the indoor bunny cage. The best rabbit cage is made of solid fir wood. It is harmless to your pets and your family. This wooden rabbit cage has an attractive appearance.

Features of This Best Indoor Bunny Hutch

The lower tray can slide out to clean easily and there is a hiding place for your rabbit. The cage’s top is made of wire mesh to provide adequate ventilation. It is also mounted on caster wheels that make it easy for you to move the unit around in your home. This indoor bunny hutch has a door in all directions for easy viewing of your little pet. It will not only keep your pet happy, but it will also look great in your home.

Color: Grey

Item: 39.25 x 18.5 x 35.75 inches

Indoor Rabbit House, Wooden Bunny Cage with No Leakage Tray

as of July 2, 2024 6:58 am

Rabbits or bunnies need to be allowed to roam outside their cages to keep them healthy and happy. This indoor rabbit hutch comes with a large run that your rabbit can use to get around safely.

Features of This Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch

This large rabbit hutch is easy to use inside or outside. It’s also mounted on locking caster wheels, which make it more convenient to move around your house. This indoor bunny hutch has a door in all directions for easy viewing of your little pet. 6 wheels make it easy to move from indoor to the garden. And this bunny hutch indoor has a waterproof bitumen roof. Great for indoor or outdoor use, for 1-2 rabbits. Large open roof, large front doors for easy catching all sides of your pet’s cage.

Color: Grey

Item: 57 x 21 x 39.5 inches


I hope that it will help you to get closer to purchasing an indoor rabbit hutch. Aivituvin indoor rabbit house is my best recommendation for overall, and I believe it has everything an indoor rabbit hutch should have.

This is a complete list of the 10 best indoor rabbit hutches. I hope you enjoyed our buyer’s guide and learned something. If you saw these 10 best indoor rabbit hutch and picked your favorite, then I have done a task perfectly.