What Do Rabbits Eat in The Wild


Sometimes we find hare activity in our yard. Although we don’t want to ignore them, we still worry about their health when we see them fleeing. Especially in winter, the rabbit itself is not resistant to freezing. It’s just that hares must develop their skills in the wild. Rabbits living in the wild will face the difficulty of food shortage in winter. There are always some hares that have a hard time surviving the long winter.

When we see wild rabbits, don’t rush to give them food. This will make them alert or run away immediately. And will depend on human feeding. Today we will learn about what do wild rabbits eat through this article. So wild rabbits eat what kind of food or what is a wild rabbit diet?

Learn About The Wild Rabbit’s Habits

  1. The wild rabbits are very concealed. When they are not moving, their coat color is mixed with the surrounding weeds, and it is not easy to detect even if a person approaches within one meter. And the hares seem to know that too. When people are not paying attention, it suddenly pops out under their feet, but it startles people.
  2. Whether it is a wild rabbit or a domestic rabbit, they usually cannot be heard. Even though we think that rabbits can’t bark, it’s not. They scream when startled or caught. Especially when it is caught, it makes a cry-like sound.
  3. Wild rabbits generally live alone, without burrows. They rely on fast running to avoid danger. Their running speed can reach 50 kilometers per hour.
  4. The wild rabbit diet is complex and depends on the habitat environment. The wild rabbit eats young grass, wild vegetables, and the leaves of certain shrubs, and grassroots in winter. The hares that live near the farmland will steal sweet potatoes, vegetables, and newly unearthed bean sprouts.
  5. Hare likes to live in low dry bushes. Late at night or early in the morning, they will descend from their habitat down the mountain path to the foot of the mountain, to the orchard, and eat by the side of the road.
  6. Wild rabbits live alone or in pairs. They are generally shy animals and change their behavior patterns in the spring. Male rabbits will chase each other during the day to show their superiority.
  7. Hares give birth to three or four litters every year in shallow and hidden rabbit dens, with 5 to 6 litters in each litter.

What Do Rabbits Eat in The Wild Normally?

The diet of wild rabbits is complex and depends on the habitat environment. It generally likes to eat young grass, wild vegetables, and the leaves of some trees and shrubs. In addition, hares will also eat some wild Chinese herbal medicines.

The hares living near the farmland will steal sweet potatoes, vegetables, and fruit trees. They especially like to eat radishes, and they will also eat bean sprouts just unearthed in spring. And also eat unharvested corn stalks. Wild rabbit food includes carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, pumpkin, spinach, etc.

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat For Different Reasons?

In different seasons, people grow different fruits and vegetables. So the wild rabbit diet will also be different.

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat in Spring?

Spring is a good season for all things to grow. When plants start to grow, hares will have many options. They chew the leaves of plants. As the grass grows, they will start eating. At this time most diet of wild rabbits comes from grass.

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat in Summer?

Rabbits are more inclined to choose green leaves from various plants. While this may change as the summer progresses and the plant is not toxic, it will likely be available to rabbits. Again, the grass is a key component of the rabbit’s diet. This is the main food they eat in the summer. You won’t be surprised to see entire groups of rabbits munching on grass fields all summer.

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat in Fall?

The fall can bring about a decrease in food availability, but the wild rabbit should still be able to eat plenty of plants. The hares will eat whatever is in season, and they will continue to eat grass as a supplement to everything else. And don’t be surprised by the amount of grass the hares eat. Because they do need to eat grass for adequate nutrients and calories.

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat in Winter?

It’s possible to wonder what is the wild bunny food in winter when it’s freezing, frosty, or snowy. How can rabbits find enough food in winter when most plants aren’t growing as well? Although rabbits still consume a lot of grass in winter. To get fresh vegetation, some rabbits will jump into low shrubbery and bushes.

They will eat any greenery that is not available. If they are in a garden, they can often eat a lot of bark off a tree trunk. A single rabbit won’t do too much damage, but many rabbits could.

What Food Prefer For Wild Rabbits Eat?

Wild rabbits prefer soft, tender leaves that they can eat easily. If they are given a choice between tougher greens, rabbits will reject them. You might also notice that rabbits eat the tenderest plants in fields and gardens. Wild rabbits will often eat multiple parts of the plant. Hares may eat the fruits, stems, bark, roots, or even stems. They won’t eat anything that is buried below the ground.

When Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

You will see the wild rabbits eating at dawn and dusk when it is dark but not completely dark. These are the times when rabbits are most active. Although they are not nocturnal, they don’t usually venture out often during the day because of predators like dogs or large birds.

Can I Feed Wild Rabbits When I See Them?

Of course, it is allowed. You can feed wild rabbits eat food. You don’t have to worry about hares spreading disease. But you have to be careful if you have a garden with plants in your yard, be careful they will spoil. And there is one more problem. As we said in the introduction, if they are fed regularly, they will become dependent on humans. Unless you’re ready to get a hare, think twice.

Other Considerations For Wild Rabbit Diet

Rabbits are herbivores. In addition to what we just mentioned, there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

Can Wild Rabbit Eat Apples?

Do wild rabbits eat apples? There is a difference between wild rabbits and domestic rabbits. For one thing, they shouldn’t eat sugary fruits. It can lead to obesity if eaten regularly. If the hare is too fat, it is not good for escaping predators. So even if they like to eat they shouldn’t eat it. Anything with sugar is not an option worth considering.

Can Wild Rabbit Eat Corn?

Rabbits like to eat corn. So it is not recommended that you feed them corn. Once addicted, they will actively go to the farmland to find it, but this will hurt the farmland. People in some places will use this to set traps to catch them.

Can Wild Rabbit Eat Cat Food?

Do wild rabbits eat cat food? This is not possible. The wild rabbits eat cat food that is not suitable. It is possible that the ingredients in cat food are not good for the health of the hares, or are even deadly. Therefore, it is absolutely not advisable to feed wild rabbits eat cat food.

How to Feed A Wild Rabbit?

If you don’t mind hares coming to your yard frequently, you can choose a fixed point for food delivery. Or leave a useless field for grass to grow for the hares to eat. What will a wild rabbit eat? Get them some vegetables and fruits. Vegetables like spinach, and lettuce. Fruits like blueberries, raspberries. But be sure to clean it up.


What will a wild rabbit eat? Rabbits are herbivores and the wild rabbits eat carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, pumpkin, spinach, cucumber, radish leaves, oranges, and so on. Some foods cannot be eaten in large quantities: corn, peanuts, potatoes, etc.

Hare is alert by nature, has sensitive hearing and vision, and runs away quickly. Sometimes wild rabbit food will depend on their environment. If the environment is harsh, they will eat even the bark. So wild bunny food is not very particular. So it’s all about wild rabbits eating what and wild bunny food.

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